Curriculum, accreditation and certification for Syrian children in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt: regional study

The rationale for this study derives from the challenging political and humanitarian crisis that has built up over the past four years in Syria and has resulted in the displacement of 7.6 million Syrians inside their country and the movement of millions more into neighbouring countries, mainly Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. There are four… Read more

Health Quality Incentives

This report includes the following sections: Financial incentives that have proved successful in raising health service quality include Pay-for-Performance in Rwanda which has increased the contraceptive prevalence rate, the percentage of births attended, reduced child mortality and increased vaccinations.  Performance-based incentives improved indicators in Argentina including a 10-40% increase in the percentage of women receiving the… Read more

Accreditation and Awards for Health Facility Standards

This report includes articles on accreditation for health facilities.  It is divided into the following sections: Case studies in family planning Current family planning accreditation in Uganda and IPPF General information on accreditation Case studies for other healthcare facilities Rewards There is also some information on accreditation: International structures and national structures and activities for… Read more