Independent evaluation and strategic review of the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI)

This independent evaluation finds SAFANSI is well on track to achieve its purpose. Substantive outputs and outcomes are starting to emerge from the short period of its operations and it exhibits good principles of development effectiveness in its management and operations. Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) remain large problems in South Asia and are unlikely to… Read more

Violence and sexual abuse in schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan

This report includes statistics and reports on sexual abuse and violence in schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The first section of the report covers UN Security Council Reports including statistics on attacks.  The next two sections cover incidents.  The section on attacks on schools in Afghanistan includes information on common types of attacks and the… Read more

Learning Outcomes in Afghanistan

Currently only an average of 26% of the population aged 15 or over can read or write. One of the first achievements of post-conflict Afghanistan was to bring almost 4 million children back to school. However, low primary enrolment especially for girls and in rural areas and very weak learning achievements remain. This report includes… Read more

Girls’ Education in Islamic Countries

This report provides information on which methods have worked well to improve access to education for girls in Islamic countries.  The report covers the following areas: Conditional cash transfers to girls- Evaluation results from programes include examples from Bangladesh, Punjab, Yemen and Nigeria.  All showed increased female enrolment. Women teachers increasing girls’ attendance- Information was… Read more

Contraceptive Prevalence Rate Increases

Based on UN MDG data for married women, countries that achieved a 3% or 5% increase in a year or a similar average over more years include The Gambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.  Statistics from other sources include increases shown in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Afghanistan. The report includes a table with current contraceptive use… Read more