Is Something Better Than Nothing? An Evaluation of Early Childhood Programs in Cambodia

This study evaluated the relative effectiveness of home-based, community-based, and state-run early childhood programs across Cambodia. A total of 880 five-year-olds (55% girls) from 6 rural provinces in Cambodia attending State Preschools, Community Preschools, Home-Based Programs, or no programs were assessed twice using the Cambodian Developmental Assessment Test. Controlling for baseline differences, children who participated… Read more

Impact of school readiness program interventions on children’s learning in Cambodia

To reduce the high repetition rates in early years of primary school, the government of Cambodia piloted a school readiness program (SRP) in the first two months of Grade 1 of primary school.This study examines whether such intervention has effects on students’ immediate acquisition of school readiness skills as well as students’ longer term achievement… Read more

Health Sector Support Project: Component for Reduction in Maternal Mortality (RMMP), Cambodia, Output-to-Purpose Review

Overall the project has made significant achievements in tackling the provision of safe abortion services in the public sector in a very challenging and complex Cambodian environment. Reduction in Maternal Mortality Project (RMMP) is highly valued in the Ministry of Health at the different levels. The success of this project has come from a combination… Read more