Will the Sustainable Development Goals lead to a more just, equal world?

The unanimity behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed recently by world leaders masks what has been a bruising battle over the past 15 years to put the parameters of ‘aid’ on a more mature footing, where rich and poor nations both have responsibility for the planet’s future. The glue that binds together these… Read more

Education, Climate and Environment Topic Guide

This Topic Guide sets out the existing knowledge around the links between education, climate and environment. In particular, it highlights the two-way relationship between these key areas, including: The risks and opportunities posed by environmental and climatic factors on educational supply and demand at all levels (primary, secondary, tertiary) and modes (formal and informal). The… Read more

Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of a Changing Climate

This report puts forward recommendations for how the US government can better address climate change through its policies on global agricultural development. It argues for the United States to rally international resources and deploy its agricultural research enterprise—its universities, research institutes, and agrifood businesses—to gather more information about how climate change will affect the global… Read more

Educational Systems and Climate Change

UNICEF include chronic environmental degradation and climate-related hazards among the many challenges that can prevent children from finishing school. Children are powerful agents of change, and studies have found that many children can be extraordinarily resilient in the face of significant challenges. Providing children with empowering and relevant education on disasters and climate change in… Read more

Climate Change and Health

This report gives an overview of climate change and health and provides information on relevant, documents, publications and websites. WHO overview Research documents on Eldis Relevant publications Relevant websites Key facts Climate change affects the fundamental requirements for health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter. The global warming that has… Read more

Short Literature Review on the Health Costs of Climate Change Adaptation

This summary is an input to a larger piece of work by the Climate and Environment Division, in preparation of a cross-Whitehall International Climate Fund Board meeting in February 2011. Rather than being exhaustive, it intends to provide a brief overview of the available evidence to date. The contents include: An introduction to climate change… Read more