A Quality Education for All. A History of the Lao PDR Inclusive Education Project 1993-2009

This publication details the challenges and lessons learned from 16 years of the Laos PDR inclusive education project. Pre-Service and In-Service training are key areas which need to be strategically developed in order to ensure that all students with disabilities are enabled to participate and achieve in school. Of fundamental importance is the structure of… Read more

Costings for community accountability interventions

There are a number of community accountability mechanisms in health interventions. These range from community health committees which aim to represent the community in planning, monitoring and evaluating health services to those in which community members are actively involved in the delivery of health services as volunteers or community health workers. Other models of community… Read more

Nutrition Data and Accountability

This report includes the following sections: Use of community scorecards (CSCs) to improve nutrition services: A World Bank pilot project in Maharashtra, India measured improvements in child malnutrition as a result of CSCs. An IDS paper concludes that it is unknown if social audits improve nutrition status, but can reasonably infer improvements from improvements in… Read more

Community Engagement in Health Service Delivery

There is evidence to show that community participation and accountability in health service delivery and health care leads to improved health outcomes within that community. This review gives definitions of the key concepts and a history of community participation and accountability in section 2. The experience of pilot programmes suggests that community mobilisation can bring… Read more

Learning Outcomes in Afghanistan

Currently only an average of 26% of the population aged 15 or over can read or write. One of the first achievements of post-conflict Afghanistan was to bring almost 4 million children back to school. However, low primary enrolment especially for girls and in rural areas and very weak learning achievements remain. This report includes… Read more

The Role of Education in Responding to Natural Disasters

The role for education in natural disaster management that appeared most frequently in the literature is teaching children risk reduction and management material. Children often spread learning to their families and communities and many believe that ‘educating a child is educating a family’. However, disaster preparedness education can be set up for communities also and… Read more

Pro-Poor Health Delivery

Information on pro-poor health policies does not fit neatly into mutually exclusive categories and many of the themes overlap. For example, universal coverage interventions such as abolishing user fees were often discussed as pro-poor targeting. Universal targeting can appear to be targeting the poor but it may be that the less poor are paying for… Read more

Education and Community Empowerment

There is a wealth of literature on community involvement in education in poor countries reporting varying degrees of success. An extensive World Bank literature review discusses many evaluations of outcomes of community involvement in schools. Successes, failures and evaluation difficulties are reported.  This report includes research from Africa, Asia and Latin America. An examples of… Read more