Water and sanitation issues for persons with disabilities in low-and middle-income countries: a literature review and discussion of implications for global health and international development

The critical importance of unrestricted access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all is highlighted in Millennium Development Goal 7, which calls for the reduction by half of the proportion of people without such access by 2015. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to the needs of such access for the one billion… Read more

Inclusion matters: time to be proactively inclusive about disability

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities which aims to promote awareness and action around disability inclusion. This year the theme is ‘Inclusion matters’ and a recent GSDRC guide written for development and humanitarian professionals, highlights just how much inclusion matters. Or rather, how much lack of inclusion matters. Disability is not rare…. Read more

Disability inclusion Topic Guide

This topic guide summarises some of the most rigorous available evidence on the key debates and challenges of disability inclusion in development and humanitarian response. Disability does not necessary imply limited wellbeing and poverty. Yet there is growing evidence that the estimated one billion people with disabilities face attitudinal, physical and institutional barriers that result in… Read more

“Complicit in Exclusion” – South Africa’s Failure to Guarantee an Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

All children, including those with disabilities, have a right to free and compulsory primary education, and to secondary education and further education or training. All people with disabilities have the right to continue learning and to learn and progress on an equal basis with all people. South Africa was one of the first countries to… Read more

Forming Alliances in Education, Disability, and Development (BAICE Thematic Forum)

On July 16, 2015, I was lucky enough to find myself in the midst of an enthusiastic group of approximately 40 academics, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) representatives, and activists who had gathered at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge for the fourth and final (for now!) BAICE Forum on Education, Disability, and Development,… Read more

Future directions in Disability and Education: Rights, Resources and Research

As political leaders and civil society gather at the Oslo Education and Development Summit, people with disabilities, advocates, and researchers will be watching closely. How will leaders at the Summit take forward promises made at the World Education Forum in Incheon, South Korea in May, notably to focus ‘efforts on the most disadvantaged, especially those… Read more

Purna Kumar Shrestha discusses inclusive education

In this short interview Purna Kumar Shrestha, Global Education Lead, Voluntary Services Overseas International (VSO) talks about the VSO project in Ghana ‘Tackling Education Needs Inclusively (TENI)‘. TENI aims to improve the quality of education received by more than 50,000 children in northern Ghana.  The programme is specifically focused on girls and disabled children. TENI… Read more

Pauline Rose on disability and education

In this short interview Pauline Rose, Professor of International Education, University of Cambridge, talks about the rights of children with disabilities to an education. As an education and development expert, Pauline discusses how disability is a key issue in education, with many children with disabilities being excluded from school. There is a paucity of evidence on how… Read more

People with disabilities must be included in crises responses

Ten years on from the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the needs and rights of people with disabilities in emergencies continue to be overlooked 2014 marks the ten year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami which took place on Boxing Day.  At the time, poor data, knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities living in affected areas… Read more

Disability and development – leaving no one behind

The 3rd December was International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and increase support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. This year, DFID used the date to launch their new Disability Framework, which aims to strengthen disability inclusion in DFID policies and programmes,… Read more

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