Higher education institutions and local government: Collaborating for growth

This paper provides evidence of what can be achieved if the UK recognises the wider role and influence that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can have within cities and surrounding areas. It highlights the recent work that has taken place between the Local Government Association (LGA) and Universities UK to promote the role universities and other HEIs can… Read more

Capability Traps? The Mechanisms of Persistent Implementation Failure

Many countries remain stuck in conditions of low productivity that many call “poverty traps.” Economic growth is only one aspect of development; another key dimension of development is the expansion of the administrative capability of the state, the capability of governments to affect the course of events by implementing policies and programs. In this paper,… Read more

Accelerating catch-up: tertiary education for growth in sub-Saharan Africa

This volume spells out the case for more knowledge-intensive growth in Africa, which demands increasing attention to secondary and, most important, postsecondary education. Despite rising enrollment in tertiary-level institutions, the numbers of students graduating are pitifully small. And despite reform efforts, the quality remains well below par. However, change for the better is in the air,… Read more

Universities and economic development in Africa

This study attempts to address the gaps in research on the characteristics and dynamics of the relationship between higher education and development, and the contextual and institutional factors that facilitate or inhibit these relationships. The study, with a focus on Africa, utilises theoretical perspectives offered by the fields of higher education studies, institutional theory and… Read more

Higher Education and Economic Growth in Africa

This paper uses panel data over the 1960–2000 period, a modified neoclassical growth equation, and a dynamic panel estimator to investigate the effect of higher education human capital on economic growth in African countries. We find that all levels of education human capital, including higher education human capital, have positive and statistically significant effect on… Read more

Education and Poverty

This helpdesk report presents the available evidence regarding the following aspects of the relationship between education and poverty: 1. Evidence of a link between increased educational provision and decreased poverty. 2. Evidence of education having a negative impact on poverty alleviation. 3. Negative effects of poverty on education. 4. Positive effects of poverty on education…. Read more