Education, Climate and Environment Topic Guide

This Topic Guide sets out the existing knowledge around the links between education, climate and environment. In particular, it highlights the two-way relationship between these key areas, including: The risks and opportunities posed by environmental and climatic factors on educational supply and demand at all levels (primary, secondary, tertiary) and modes (formal and informal). The… Read more

Child development in developing countries: introduction and methods

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is a nationally representative, internationally comparable household survey implemented to examine protective and risk factors of child development in developing countries around the world. This Introduction describes the conceptual framework, nature of the MICS3, and general analytic plan of articles in this Special Section. The articles that follow describe… Read more

Putting science into practice for early child development

The debate between nature and nurture as determinants of early child development is over. Today, we understand that the two are inextricably linked. The degree of their interdependence—and the impact of this interplay on the developing brains of children—is even greater than we previously imagined. This knowledge has tremendous implications for how we design and… Read more

Implications of resilience concepts for scientific understanding

Resilience is an interactive concept that refers to a relative resistance to environmental risk experiences, or the overcoming of stress or adversity. As such, it differs from both social competence positive mental health. Resilience differs from traditional concepts of risk and protection in its focus on individual variations in response to comparable experiences. Accordingly, the… Read more

The Eldis nutrition resource guide offers critical perspectives on nutrition and development

The Eldis nutrition resource guide provides easy access to an extensive online database of resources on nutrition and development. It includes research evidence, policy documents, toolkits, features, and other free-to-access resources. The Eldis nutrition resource guide is a growing and evolving resource that includes new information on current and emerging issues as it is produced,… Read more