A team led by Dr Garba M Ashir of the University of Maiduguri receives grant for research to understand the low utilisation of nutrition services in Yobe state

In January 2016, a team led by Dr Garba M. Ashir of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital received a grant for new research to understand the demand-side barriers which prevent mothers with young children from accessing nutritional services. The grant was awarded by Operations Research and Impact Evaluation (ORIE), a DFID-funded consortium of UK and Nigerian organisations. The project will generate valuable research findings… Read more

Team of researchers from Bayero University Kano receives grant to compare feeding practices of mothers of stunted and non-stunted children

In March 2015, a team in the Department of Community Medicine of Bayero University Kano led by Professor Zubairu Iliyasu received a research grant for a new research project to compare the feeding practices of mothers with stunted and non-stunted children. With the grant awarded by ORIE, the research findings will be important in a context in which around half of all… Read more

Education Interventions and their Impact on Nutrition

Nutrition interventions in schools and for school age children are covered in sections 2 and 3.  These sections look at general school health and nutrition programmes, micronutrients, school feeding, de-worming, nutrition interventions for school age children, improved hygiene, cash transfers, zinc supplementation and adolescent nutrition. Information on nutrition interventions for children under 2 years old… Read more

Nutrition for Under 2s

Nutrition and nurturing during the first years of life are both crucial for life-long health and well-being. Malnutrition is responsible, directly or indirectly for about one third of deaths among children under five. Well above two thirds of these deaths, often associated with inappropriate feeding practices, occur during the first year of life. Breastfeeding is… Read more