National- and district-level funding in the health sector

Contact with health financing experts and a rapid literature search found no research that compares district level and national level donor funding. The literature suggests that effectiveness of funding at the national level is likely to depend on how well central funds are disbursed and on the capacity of local services receiving the funds. In… Read more

Building High-Performing and Improving Education Systems. Systems and structures:- powers, duties and funding

This review looks at the way high-performing and improving education systems share out power and responsibility. Resources can be critical to achieving policy implementation. Resources – in the form of funding, capital investment or payment of salaries and other ongoing costs – are some of the main levers used to make policy happen, but are… Read more

Different Funding Modalities for Health

This report examines the evidence on the success of health funding through unearmarked sector budget support and disease specific and programme funding.  It considers the following areas: Budget support and sector wide approaches (SWAps) Sector budget support in practice, ODI and Mokoro Disease specific programmes Papers on different funding modalities for health Aid effectiveness Williamson… Read more

Barriers to Enrolment in Kenya

This report addresses the reasons why children are out of school in Kenya.  It includes sections on: Proportions of children affected by different barriers to education ILO report on access to education in Kenya Surveys Related information Resources on barriers to education Some proportional statistics on barriers to enrolment were found from differing sources. UNICEF… Read more