Education for pregnant girls and young mothers

Officially, pregnant girls in Kenya are allowed to stay in school as long as they think they can. However, there are cases where school authorities bar pregnant girls from attending school or girls leave school early to avoid stigma. There is no education provision whilst girls are on maternity leave unless parents are able to… Read more

Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) Annual Review

The GESS project aims to increase enrolment, retention and levels achievement for girls in South Sudan. This review finds good progress on all three outputs. The continuing insecurity in the three Greater Upper Nile States has clearly impacted project progress, and a programme level Interim Strategy has been put in place to ensure GESS is… Read more

Girls’ Education in Uganda: potential options for support by DFID Uganda

This report describes the Ugandan context and the educational context within. Under-funding, rapid expansion and inadequate management have led to low and declining education outcomes for girls and boys. DFID’s aim is to improve education for all children within DFID-supported schools, and reduce gender barriers to girls’ participation and achievement. Support from DFID can help:… Read more

The Impact of Girls’ Education on Early Marriage

There is a strong association between higher age at marriage and higher education levels. A global analysis of data by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) found that girls’ education is ‘the most important factor associated with child marriage’. Another study determined that in 29 countries, women who married at the age of 18 or… Read more

Girls’ Education in Sudan

This report gives an overview of the evidence of the economic and social barriers to girls’ education in Sudan. It also gives an overview of barriers which affect the education of both boys and girls. It gives the evidence for successfully addressing barriers to girls’ education in Sudan and examples from other countries of successfully… Read more