Promoting Handwashing and Sanitation Behaviour Change in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Mixed-Method Systematic Review

Diarrhoeal diseases are very common causes of death in low and middle-income countries. The aim for this systematic review was to show which promotional approaches might change handwashing and sanitation behaviour, and which implementation factors affect the success or failure of such promotional approaches. For community-based approaches, involvement of the community, enthusiasm of community leaders,… Read more

A cluster‐randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of a hand‐ washing‐promotion programme in Chinese primary schools

Intensive handwashing promotion can reduce diarrheal and respiratory disease incidence. To determine whether less intensive, more scalable interventions can improve health, we evaluated a school-based handwashing program. We randomized 87 Chinese schools to usual practices: standard intervention (handwashing program) or expanded intervention (handwashing program, soap for school sinks, and peer hygiene monitors). We compared student… Read more

Maternal and birth attendant hand washing and neonatal mortality in southern Nepal

BACKGROUND: More than 95% of neonatal deaths occur in developing countries, approximately 50% at home. Few data are available on the impact of hand-washing practices by birth attendants or caretakers on neonatal mortality. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the relationship between birth attendant and maternal hand-washing practices and neonatal mortality in rural Nepal. DESIGN: Observational prospective cohort… Read more