The urban disadvantage: state of the world’s mothers 2015

The 16th annual State of the World’s Mothers report has a special focus on the rapidly urbanising world and the poorest mothers and children who must struggle to survive despite overall urban progress. Key findings of the report include: the world, especially the developing world, is becoming urbanised at a breathtaking pace, with virtually all future population growth… Read more

Rosemary Morgan on gender in health systems research

Rosemary Morgan is a Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In this HEART talks video, she talks about the project she works on, ‘Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs): Building Stronger Health Systems’, and about the importance of making gender integral in health systems research. RinGs came about as a project… Read more

Improving access to health for women and girls in low-income urban settlements

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised. Over one third of urban dwellers now reside in low-income urban settlements, where living conditions are often inadequate and there are multiple barriers to access to health services for women and girls. Based on six case studies and a thematic review examining women’s and girls’ access to health in low-income… Read more

Ten arguments for why gender should be a central focus for universal health coverage advocates

To make universal health coverage (UHC) truly universal we need an approach which places gender and power at the centre of our analysis. This means we need a discussion about who is included, how health is defined, what coverage entails and whether equity is ensured. To celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day RinGs has put together… Read more

Who gains, who loses and how: Leveraging gender and class intersections to secure health entitlements

This paper argues that a focus on the middle groups in a multi-dimensional socioeconomic ordering can provide valuable insights into how different axes of advantage and disadvantage intersect with each other. It develops the elements of a framework to analyse the middle groups through an intersectional analysis, and uses it to explore how such groups… Read more

Review of World Health Report 2000

HSRC REPORT: This report provides a broad view of health systems measuring performance against three goals: improving health and reducing health inequalities; enhancing responsiveness “to the legitimate expectations of the population”; and assuring fairness of financial contributions. The report then identifies the four functions that a system needs to deliver health system goals: service provision;… Read more