Global Health Partnership Impact on Commodity Pricing and Security

HRC REPORT: This report, commissioned as part of a series evaluating Global Health Partnerships (GHPs), focuses on identifying the impact of structures embedded within GHPs on pricing and security ofcommodities that meet global health needs in developing countries. The report identifies the market structure within which the different GHPs are operating, traces the various functions… Read more

Review of DFID Approach to Social Marketing Annex 5: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity of Social Marketing

HSRC REPORT: This report provides a set of inputs into a 2003 expert review on social marketing for the Department for International Development. The inputs respond to the consultant terms of reference and include an analytical framework that defines the rationale and role of social marketing in a health system and a systematic review of… Read more

Review of DFID’s approach to Social Marketing

HSRC REPORT: This report finds that social marketing (SM) represents an extremely valuable tool to induce behaviour change of public health significance, and to improve access to health goods and services. However, changes in existing practice are recommended in relation to SM programme design and management, strengthening national ownership, and DFID capacities and procedures.