What is the role of gender and ethics in building stronger health systems?

While gender and ethics are taken into account as cross-cutting issues in many international development programmes, to date there has been very limited attention to gender in health systems. Often there is no disaggregation of data by sex and many terms such as community health workers and village health committees are gender neutral, when the… Read more

Health Systems Strengthening: Lessons from three DFID research programme consortia

DfID is developing a framework for health systems strengthening. This roundtable discussion in June 2015 brought together HEART members to draw on their research findings to inform the framework. It was a response to an enquiry into DFID funded work to inform DFID programmes in a review. This HEART talks includes the presentations from three… Read more

Health pooled fund: South Sudan. Mid-Term Review Report: Draft for Submission

Beginning in October 2012, five donors (Australia, Canada, the European Union, Sweden and the UK) are providing £120 million through the Health Pooled Fund (HPF) for a programme in South Sudan lasting three and a half years. The UK leads and manages the HPF on behalf of other contributing donors. The programme supports the delivery… Read more