Investigating the Mystery of Capacity Building Learning from the Praxis Programme

This paper investigates what works – and why- regarding capacity building. It draws on the experiences shared by capacity building practitioners through the INTRAC Praxis Programme over four years. This DGIS-supported programme encouraged capacity building practitioners to reflect on, learn from and disseminate their experiences in the field. This paper syntheses the learning from practitioners who… Read more

Building high-Performing and Improving Education Systems: Leadership

This review looks at key aspects of policy and practice relating to headteachers: their changing role; management of supply; recruitment; performance management; training and development. Many of the policy documents and much of the recent literature talk about ‘leadership’ when discussing the role of headteachers and principals of schools. The word is also used when… Read more

What is the relationship between school leadership and variation in learning outcomes?

These helpdesks were designed to enable an extensive search for evidence on various methods for improving learning.  There are a series of six similar reports, each is based on an edit of a literature search for their chosen method.  After the initial search had been done the search fields were expanded to include further search… Read more

Cost Effectiveness of Health Sector Support Strategies

The 2005 Paris Declaration grew out of a consensus on the importance of ‘country ownership’ to the success of development efforts. In other words, it came to be recognised that the effectiveness of aid depends critically on whether or not a country’s leadership is really committed to development. There have been many reviews showing the… Read more