Journal of education in emergencies

In this journal, the article, Quality Education for Refugees in Kenya: Pedagogy in Urban Nairobi and Kakuma Refugee Camp Settings, examines the quality of education available to refugees in Kenya, with a particular focus on instruction. By providing empirical data about instruction in a refugee education context, the article supports anecdotal accounts and strengthens agency-led evaluations. It… Read more

Literature review: youth agency, peacebuilding and education

This literature review provides insights into youth agency and the dynamics of conflict and peace in conflict‐affected contexts. In particular it focuses on how educational interventions may contribute to enhancing the agency of youth as peacebuilders. In its key findings, the review highlights the need for: comprehensive understandings of youth agency for peacebuilding which will… Read more

Guidance Note: Learning and Teaching Materials, Policy and Practice for Provision

A range of complex policy options are embedded in national systems for providing learning and teaching materials (LTM). The objectives of this Guidance Note are: To identify and analyse the key issues involved in book sector policy, planning and development To help DFID play a constructive role in supporting the liberalisation and development of the… Read more