The political economy of education in conflict affected areas

Mario Novelli is a professor of the Political Economy of Education at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex. Professor Novelli talks about a new rigorous literature review on the political economy of education systems in conflict-affected contexts of which he was the lead author. There has been an increased interest in political economy… Read more

Curriculum development in fragile states to encourage peace and reduction of conflict

Research on education and conflict shows that education systems are not politically neutral but are an important part of the political economy that can exacerbate or mitigate conflict. The curriculum can be used as a vehicle to promote dominant ideologies. There are numerous instances where school curricula have been used to oppress particular ethnic groups… Read more

Community Engagement in Health Service Delivery

There is evidence to show that community participation and accountability in health service delivery and health care leads to improved health outcomes within that community. This review gives definitions of the key concepts and a history of community participation and accountability in section 2. The experience of pilot programmes suggests that community mobilisation can bring… Read more