Higher education as the catalyst of recovery in conflict-affected societies

This article examines the role of higher education in the recovery of conflict-affected societies and argues that while the sector is typically a very low reconstruction priority, it has the potential, if addressed strategically, to act as a catalyst for effective and sustainable post-war recovery. The article begins by contextualising higher education within broader debates… Read more

Education for all global monitoring report 2011 – the hidden crisis: armed conflict and education

Although there has been progress in many areas, the overarching message to emerge from the 2011 Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report is that most of the goals will be missed. Countries affected by armed conflict are among the farthest from reaching the Education for All goals, and face particularly daunting challenges. The hidden crisis in… Read more

Peace building through early childhood development: a guidance note

In any conflict, young children are particularly vulnerable. A multitude of factors common in these settings have a negative impact on young children, including loss of caregivers; increased risk of malnutrition, physical maiming, and psychosocial threats; and lack of opportunities for early learning and stimulation. This guidance note goes deeper into the theory of change… Read more

Literature review: youth agency, peacebuilding and education

This literature review provides insights into youth agency and the dynamics of conflict and peace in conflict‐affected contexts. In particular it focuses on how educational interventions may contribute to enhancing the agency of youth as peacebuilders. In its key findings, the review highlights the need for: comprehensive understandings of youth agency for peacebuilding which will… Read more

Links between education and peace

Education is a significant contributor to peace, and appears in two of the 24 indicators in the Positive Peace Index produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Education can lead to peace and be a part of ‘building back better’ by supporting the transformation of the security situation, political institutions, economic regeneration and social… Read more

Rebuilding Knowledge: Opportunities and Risks for Higher Education in Post-Conflict Regions

The transition from violence and instability to peace and prosperity is rarely linear, but rather defined more by its complexity and the alignment of often-surprising conditions. The rebuilding and reorganisation of the higher education sector, in particular, is increasingly being recognized as both a driver and a consequence of this complex transition, which is marked… Read more