Global estimates 2015: people displaced by disasters

More than 19.3 million people were displaced by disasters in 100 countries in 2014. Since 2008, an average of 26.4 million people have been displaced from their homes each year by disasters brought on by natural hazards – equivalent to one person displaced every second. The report presenting evidence on the scale, patterns and trends… Read more

Protracted displacement: uncertain paths to self-reliance in exile

This paper presents a pilot tool to begin understanding the opportunities for self-reliance and livelihood assistance afforded by various situations of displacement: a basic typology for where assistance is needed and what kind of assistance may be best suited to the situation at hand. The typology examines four themes in any situation of protracted displacement… Read more

Health and Nutrition for Displaced Populations

Findings on health and nutrition management of protracted population displacement include: A synthesis of food assistance programme evaluations finds unacceptably high numbers of refugees were food-insecure, women more so than men. A review of nutrition indicators evaluating performance of nutrition programmes in more than 90 camps in 18 countries found supplementary and therapeutic feeding programmes… Read more