Scoping Urban Sanitation Services in Three Countries

In early 2017, WSUP commissioned a situation analysis of urban sanitation services in Bangladesh, Ghana and Kenya, in order to identify potential research areas as part of the DFID-funded Urban Sanitation Research Initiative. Here, Goufrane Mansour (Aguaconsult, lead expert for the study) and Sam Drabble (WSUP, Research and Evaluation Manager) reflect on common findings across the three… Read more

Sustainability Assessment of Rural Water Service Delivery Models: Findings of a Multi-Country Review

This policy brief summarizes the key findings from a multi-country sustainability assessment of rural water service delivery models conducted in 2016–17. This assessment used a case-study approach to identify good practices and challenges towards building sector capacity and strengthening sustainable service delivery models for rural areas. It does not focus on the critical planning, design, and… Read more

Literature review: higher education and development

Research focusing on the links between education, development and social change has a long history; this includes research on higher education investment in low-income countries by external and international development agencies. Analysis of the impact on society of higher education in developing countries emerged alongside post-colonial discourses and modernisation theories. Research generally focused on how… Read more

Early childhood development is essential to delivering the SDGs

So, Early Child Development (ECD) is finally on the global policy agenda. A small group of prominent ECD advocates worked tirelessly to secure the wording of Target 4.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals which states that by 2030 countries should: ‘ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and… Read more

Early childhood development in the SDGs

Agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals signals that early childhood development (ECD) will be a priority focus for the twenty-first century. Explicit mention is made in SDG Target 4.2 which states that by 2030 countries should: ‘ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education so that… Read more

Will the Sustainable Development Goals lead to a more just, equal world?

The unanimity behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed recently by world leaders masks what has been a bruising battle over the past 15 years to put the parameters of ‘aid’ on a more mature footing, where rich and poor nations both have responsibility for the planet’s future. The glue that binds together these… Read more