The ethics of research on teacher effectiveness: Why we should be supporting teachers, not questioning their ability to teach

The Global Goals have set targets for ‘quality education’ on the one hand, and for measurement and monitoring on the other hand. Teachers, teacher training, and what happens inside classrooms, are likely to be the topic of research in the coming years.  This blog has been driven by our sense of injustice that teachers seem… Read more

Primary Education Support Programme (PESP) Tanzania Summary

This the executive summary of a case study report on the Primary Education Support Project (PESP) in Tanzania.  This was a two-year (2011/12-2013/14) project aiming to procure and distribute books and desks to all primary schools in Tanzania mainland. PESP aims at improving the quality of primary education by providing necessary inputs in schools. Overall… Read more

Attracting and Retaining Teachers

This helpdesk report is on the topic of “attracting and retaining teachers” and aims to address what works to attract competent people into the teaching profession and how to retain teachers and ensure that they attend school regularly and teach effectively.  The report is structured into sections covering the issues of teacher recruitment, retention, attendance… Read more

Voice and Accountability in the Education Sector

This report is on evidence of effective voice and accountability interventions in the education sector. Some of the main findings include: School Management Committee (SMCs) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) • Parent teacher associations are seen as a key forum. • School functioning has improved where communities have been actively involved. Reducing teacher absenteeism •… Read more