Public–private mix for tuberculosis care and control: a systematic review

Public–private mix (PPM), recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), was introduced to cope with the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic worldwide. In many developing countries, PPM has played a powerful role in TB control, while in others it has failed to meet expectations. Thus, a systematic review was conducted to determine the mechanisms used by global… Read more

Assessment of the patient, health system, and population effects of Xpert MTB/RIF and alternative diagnostics for tuberculosis in Tanzania: an integrated modelling approach

Several promising new diagnostic methods and algorithms for tuberculosis have been endorsed by WHO. National tuberculosis programmes now face the decision on which methods to implement and where to place them in the diagnostic algorithm. We used an integrated model to assess the effects of different algorithms of Xpert MTB/RIF and light-emitting diode (LED) fluorescence… Read more

Beyond accuracy: creating a comprehensive evidence base for TB diagnostic tools

The need for a strong and comprehensive evidence base to support decision making with regard to the implementation of new and improved diagnostic tools and approaches has been highlighted by a number of stakeholders; these include members of the New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG) and the Subgroup for Introducing New Approaches and Tools of the… Read more

Tackling the Global TB Threat: Can We Learn from the HIV Response?

This roundtable, held at Centre for Global Health Policy, University of Sussex, threw light on various dimensions of TB, including the global disease burden and the national situation in the UK, access to treatment, drug resistance, and recent efforts by pharmaceutical companies and global health initiatives to develop new therapies.  A summary of the roundtable… Read more

Global tuberculosis report 2013

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the TB epidemic and progress in implementing and ?nancing TB prevention, care and control at global, regional and country levels using data reported by 197 countries and territories that account for over 99% of the world’s TB cases. Five priority actions required to accelerate progress towards the MDG 2015 targets… Read more

Innovative Community-Based Approaches Doubled Tuberculosis Case Notification and Improve Treatment Outcome in Southern Ethiopia

A community-based TB intervention package was implemented in Sidama zone, Ethiopia. The package included advocacy, training, engaging stakeholders and communities and active case-finding by female Health Extension Workers (HEWs) at village level. HEWs conducted house-to-house visits, identified individuals with a cough for two or more weeks, with or without other symptoms, collected sputum, prepared smears… Read more