Principle versus practice

This report starts by giving an overview of internal displacement in Turkey. Next, the paper looks at Turkish laws relating to the right to education and to discrimination, examining how discrimination impairs the education if internally displaced children. Thirdly, the paper discusses the consequences of the socio-economic impact of displacement on their education. Finally, the… Read more

Educational assessment of Syrian refugees in Turkey

Turkey hosts a large number of Syrian refugees, and has undergone many demographic changes as a result. This work refers to uniquely gathered dataset from AFAD and UNHCR in order to understand the current demography of Syrian refugees. It particularly focuses on the current educational assessment of Syrian child refugees in Turkey. The findings indicate that there is a significant… Read more

Continuing effects of early enrichment in adult life: The Turkish Early Enrichment Project 22 years later

Long-term studies of early intervention, spanning over decades, are scarce in the United States and nonexistent in the rest of the world. The Turkish Early Enrichment Project (TEEP) is the only non-U.S. example to date. This paper reports a new follow-up assessment of the long-term outcomes of TEEP, an intervention carried out in 1983–1985 with… Read more

Long-term effects of early intervention: Turkish low-income mothers and children

The two studies reported in this paper comprise the Turkish Early Enrichment Project (TEEP) spanning a period of 10 years. Both studies were conducted with mothers and children in low-income, low-education areas of Istanbul. Study 1 involved an examination over 4 years of the effects of two different types of early enrichment (intervention), child-focused (center-based)… Read more