Girls’ Education in Sudan

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What are the major economic and social barriers to girls’ enrolment and completion at primary and secondary education levels in Southern Sudan specifically and Central and Eastern Africa more widely? What evidence exists of successfully addressing these barriers?


This report gives an overview of the evidence of the economic and social barriers to girls’ education in Sudan. It also gives an overview of barriers which affect the education of both boys and girls. It gives the evidence for successfully addressing barriers to girls’ education in Sudan and examples from other countries of successfully addressing barriers to education for refugee girls’.

Suggestions for addressing economic and social barriers to girls’ education:

• The community taking collective responsibility for protecting girls.
• Ensuring schools with adolescent girls have one respected female teacher assigned to guide, counsel and support the girls especially during their monthly cycles.
• Parent and teacher partnerships educating women and families to appreciate and value women as more than sources of bride wealth.
• Converting churches and other community facilities into satellite feeder schools to reduce long walks to school and associated abduction dangers.
• Using cattle camp as an opportunity for teaching on sex education.


PDF - 169 KB