Health in Tanzania

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Background on health in Tanzania including what key donors and foundations are doing, health MDG performance (trends, constraints, and opportunities), health status, private sector and health, voice and accountability and service delivery, use of innovative technologies in particular mobile phones.


This report gives an overview of the health situation in Tanzania and their progress towards the goals set in the health Millennium Development Goals. The Joint External Evaluation of the Health Sector in Tanzania concluded that the Health SWAp has contributed to improvements in health outcomes and to improvements in the quality of health services at community level, which could be linked to progress towards the MDGs. The devolution of responsibilities for health facilities and health planning to Local Government Authorities has contributed to improving health sector delivery. While significant progress has been made in reducing child mortality since the year 2000, maternal mortality remains one of the key challenges within the health sector, with a ratio of c. 578 deaths per 100,000 live births according to Tanzania’s latest available data dating from 2004.

The report also gives examples of projects and information on what key donors are doing.  Additionally, it includes information on the following areas:

  • Private Sector and Health: Including the role of the private sector, public private partnerships, health insurance and pro-poor healthcare financing.
  • Voice and Accountability: Looking at strengthening accountability and the impact and effectiveness of programmes with case studies.
  • Service Delivery: Including designing programmes to reach the poor and strengthening health systems.
  • Use of Innovative Technologies: e.g. mHealth, electronic health records and vouchers.



PDF - 341 KB

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