Education Quality and Economic Growth: A review of the work of Eric Hanushek

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This helpdesk report provides an annotated bibliography of Eric A. Hanushek’s recent work.

Hanushek is from Stanford University and is a world leader in the development of economic analysis of educational issues. The focus of this report is on the papers written in the last five years (since 2008). Full versions of the papers included in this report and the papers published by Hanushek before 2008 are available from his website.

This report focuses on Hanushek’s work on the following topics:

  • Teacher Quality
  • School Quality
  • Comparisons of US and international student achievement
  • Equity and achievement in the US: Race and Poverty
  • School Location
  • Finance and student achievement

As part of the HEART Talks series, Hanushek recorded a short video in which he discusses human capital and the quality of skills as a driving force for economic development. The video is accompanied by explanatory slides from a recent presentation.

PDF - 328 KB

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