Edtech case studies

Helpdesk Query:

Please produce case studies of education technology by conducting phone interviews and collating email inputs. Each case study should be 1 page long, formatted as a series with a photo and the page divided into four sections:

  • The challenge: the challenge that this particular technology is working to address. With a short description of the intervention and a link to further information.
  • The impact: the impact that this technology has had/ will have. This includes the numbers reached and the scale of the investment.
  • Research: the research or evaluation that is being undertaken and by whom, what methodology is being used and the sample size, etc.
  • Stakeholders: the stakeholders involved and the potential to go to scale, including who the partners are for funding and implementation.

A list of the case studies to be included will be provided.


This series of case studies produced by HEART for the UK Department for International Development. Programme experts were consulted in the process through email and phone interviews. Any views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of DFID or HEART. Each case study contains four sections – the challenge, the impact, research and stakeholders.

Case studies:

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