Quality of maternal and newborn services – a learning resource for thinking and action

This freely accessible online learning resource produced by HEART provides an overview of the key issues in relation to quality of services (QoS) for maternal and newborn health (MNH), and signposts key resources for further reading. Originally designed for the cadre of Health Advisers at DFID, it has been adapted to suit a broad range of actors involved in strengthening policy and programming interventions.

The learning resource:

  • includes sections of a broad range of issues, including in relation to: why quality matters; what the burden of global MNH is; how quality is defined and modelled; what the key quality improvement strategies are; and how to best measure quality and quality improvement trends.
  • provides interactive maps and data visualisations drawing on up-to-date data sources on which researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners can draw on for their own learning about available data.
  • summarises a series of seminars delivered for DFID staff and email updates providing timely summaries of topical issues related to QoS.

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