DFID Rwanda: Joint Education Sector Support (JESS) Narrative Progress Report, 6th~7th October 2010

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In terms of the specific targets set in the Education Sector Support Programme, the following results have been observed:

  • net enrolment in Primary has increased but remains below target
  • Gross Enrolment Rate (GER) remains high but has fallen markedly over the period
  • Primary completion rates have exceeded expectation
  • dropout rates have fallen but remain high
  • the qualified teacher to pupil ratio at the primary level has improved slightly but is below target
  • the pupil to classroom ratio has worsened as has the pupil to teacher ratio, despite the extensive use of double shifts

The continued pressure on the primary sector is a consequence of focusing attention on lower secondary under the 9 Year Basic Education policy. The physical expansion at lower secondary has seen a 100% increase in the number of classrooms and the GER almost doubling. Fiscal effort by the government has remained good, with education’s share of the budget steady at around 18%. There is continued need for reform at the primary level, where universal access is close but not achieved and where quality remains threatened.

In conclusion, JESS has been an effective means of supporting the sector.

PDF - 350 KB

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