Gender-Sensitive Public Works in Mozambique: Scoping Study

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has contracted OPM to carry out a scoping study and literature review of gender-sensitive public works. This involves collecting good practices and examples from across the globe, as well as identifying potential areas for intervention (and piloting) in Mozambique.

This report is a scoping study of the potential for gender-sensitive public works in Mozambique, in particular in relation to the Productive Social Action Programme (PASP). This scoping study draws on the global literature review and includes analysis of political economy issues affecting the effectiveness of PASP and identifies potential areas for investment in gender-sensitive public works in Mozambique including, if relevant, the proposal of approaches to be piloted.

This report will contribute to planning DFID’s investments in social protection in Mozambique and will also be used to inform the work of the DFID-financed MUVA programme, which is an innovative adaptive programme that pilots different approaches to support women’s economic empowerment in Mozambique.

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