Ghana: Support to the Education Strategic Plan. Project Completion Review.

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Overall the DFID support plan has provided a significant contribution to progress on Ghana’s Education Sector Plan. Output results have been mixed, and specific targets in a number of cases narrowly missed. In summary the headlines are:

  • Gross and Net enrolments have increased, though with the exception of Kindergarten not as much as was expected.
  • Similarly Gender Parity has improved generally, as well as in deprived districts, though marginally below expectation.
  • Overall the quality of education has improved, the number of new classrooms and trained teachers have increased, though textbook provision has reduced. Learning achievement has improved.
  • Central and district planning, budgeting and reporting have improved in line with expectation, though commitment to the necessary systemic reforms is weak and progress slow.

Recommendations for Ghana include:

  • Bring in a stronger culture of enquiry and focus on results in schools and districts.
  • Strengthen leadership to relentlessly examine whether actions make a difference.
  • Increase accountability down through the system, particularly of schools to their communities.
  • Strengthen the relationship between General and Sector Budget Support.
  • Place more attention on developing a results culture that routinely questions the impact of activities.
  • Introduce an annual measure of learning achievement at primary level.

See the full report for more detail.

PDF - 370 KB

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