Harmonizing support to Reproductive Health in Kenya

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In the context of Kenya’s challenges in the area of Reproductive Health (RH) and the persistent high maternal mortality in particular, a group of five Development partners (DPs) in RH has commissioned this report together with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, and the Ministry of Medical Services.

Regarding the modalitiesof future harmonized DP support to RH, it is recommended that the following mechanisms are established:

  • ARH Business planto be the core document against which to allocate and report funding and technical assistance.
  • One RHtechnicalplansupported through pooled funding – at minimum one TA plan reflecting all support (virtual pooling) being provided to RH for the implementation of the RH plan.
  • Pooled funding, where possible: DPs should support existing sector-wide approach (SWAp) baskets, at a minimum it is suggested to support them through joint planning (“virtual pooling”).
  • One RH commodity plan, including contraceptives and essential MNH commodities.
  • Regular review of the Code of Conduct at central level.
  • New Code of Conduct at district / county level.


PDF - 1.5 MB

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