Malaria: breaking the cycle, Consultation report

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The Department for International Development (DFID) conducted a public consultation to seek inputs into its Malaria Business Plan. The Business Plan is part of the UK’s commitments to Millennium Development Goal six.

The 12-week consultation took place in 2010. It gathered views from UK and international experts and the public through an interactive website, individual and group submissions, and technical workshops.

540 responses were received, either from online or technical submissions. This report summarises the key messages received, and how they have been responded to through the Malaria Business Plan.

The responses show that there is strong support for DFID’s role and current approach. There is consensus that focus on broad health systems is needed. This includes integrated delivery, strengthening health information systems, stronger commodity supply chains, management capacity and human resources for health – with increased emphasis on the district level.

Key areas of interest emerging from the responses include:

  • Community systems and the role of community
  • Education and participatory approaches for prevention/awareness and how to work with the private sector
  • Vector control/management (beyond bednets) and more effective coordination with other sectors were also emphasised
  • Respondents also noted the significant knowledge gaps and the crucial role of research


PDF - 240 KB

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