PATHS2 Annual Review 2010

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The Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 2 (PATHS2) was launched in August 2008 as the health sector component of DFID’s suite of state led programmes (SLPs). PATHS2 aims to build on and consolidate the gains of PATHS1 and the complimentary DFID funded Health Commodities Programme (HCP). PATHS2 shares with other SLPs, the goal of “Nigeria’s own resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve MDGs”.

Achievements include:

  • Establishment of a good and influencing relationship with government and other stakeholders at the different levels.
  • Government representatives applauded the important role PATHS2 played in developing national and state level health plans, with good participation of civil society organizations.
  • Continued consolidation on PATHS1 work.

Issues and risks include:

  • Government commitment to development.
  • Lack of clear service delivery and health financing strategies to guide PATHS2’s support.
  • SLP coordination is weak and SLPs didn’t seem to share a common vision.

Recommendations include:

  • DFID should meet with all the SLPs to review and address the issue of state governments’ commitment, monitoring MoUs, and SLPs working together.
  • PATHS2, DFID and other stakeholders should review and agree on the governance and service delivery balance and review expectations.


PDF - 895 KB

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