Planning and costing to accelerate actions for Scaling Up Nutrition

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement was launched in 2010 to reinvigorate efforts to address undernutrition globally. It brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to strengthen political commitments and improve accountability by providing a platform for collective action in which governments, civil society organisations (CSOs), businesses, donors and the United Nations can work together in a coordinated and targeted way to reduce rates of undernutrition. To date, over 50 countries have signed up to the SUN movement. These countries have or are developing national plans for nutrition that provide a framework for all stakeholders working on nutrition to coordinate efforts around common results. As countries have developed their plans, they and other members of the global SUN movement, have been considering what makes a good plan that is useful for both national governments and other stakeholders? This brief summarises key elements that have been identified by a consortium of organizations seeking to maximize the quality of the SUN movement (MQSUN) as contributing towards good national nutrition plans based on a review of 20 country plans and processes

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