Promoting women’s attendance at ANC: target groups and motivating messages

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This report outlines the main findings of ORIE operations research on promoting women’s use of antenatal care (ANC) services. The study supports refinement of the advocacy strategy for this, implemented by the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria
(WINNN) programme.

Summary of the key recommendations:

  • Develop a targeted advocacy strategy for adolescent girls.
  • Develop advocacy messages to strengthen women’s understanding that some pregnancy problems cannot be felt by the mother, so there is a need for regular monitoring.
  • To reach more men, expand engagement of Imams and town announcers, and radio advocacy.
  • Targeted messages for men could explicitly encourage their financing of ANC attendance, and the benefits of ANC most mentioned by men: child wellbeing, health and development.
  • Provide women with clear information about ANC entitlements, including the month at which they are entitled to start attending ANC.


PDF - 369 kB

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