PRRINN-MNCH Midterm Review

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PRRINN-MNCH (Programme for reviving routine immunisation in Northern Nigeria – maternal, newborn and child health) is a six-year health programme working across four states in Northern Nigeria.

The evaluation team conducted site visits to health facilities and medical stores and met with government officials, midwives, community health workers, primary beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

Key findings include:

  • Three states have improved their relationships and funding mechanisms with State government, State human resource strategies are in place and there was improved staffing and patient attendance at facilities.
  • Operations research is moving apace and beginning to generate findings.
  • The programme has created a culture of performance management guided by high quality data.
  • Community engagement is making excellent progress and the targeted policy work at federal level was also progressing well.

Challenges include:

  • Need for specialist governance support in health service and planning was determined as the programme was facing cross government constraints outside of the health sector.
  • Despite the midwifery service scheme investment which begins to fill gaps, a shortage of midwives persists.
  • Defining minimum standards for service delivery and determining what makes a facility ‘good enough’ will be an important part of the programme’s work for the next year.


PDF - 1 MB

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