Scoping Mission for an English Language Training (ELT) Programme in South Sudan

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The objective of this scoping mission is to assess and prioritise the most important English language training needs in South Sudan, in the period following independence. Interviews were carried out with ministries, funders, NGOs, private sector and other groups.

The report recommends that DFID should focus on key areas of English language teaching (ELT), to provide for:

1. wide-spread need for basic functional English, to develop sense of inclusion in the new nation and to enable access to opportunities for development;

2. wide-spread need for professional / vocational English literacy, in relation to making sense of written texts in the work place;

3. higher level provision for middle managers, focussing upon critical reading of written texts, and ability to communicate ideas effectively through spoken and written English.

Above and beyond focussing on these aspects of ELT provision for the general population, the report recommends a particular consideration be given to two specific audiences, both critical to nation building:

4. improving the English language competence and practice of teachers, particularly English language teachers in P1 – P4;

5. improving the English language competence and employability of soldiers going through disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration.


PDF - 650 KB

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