Situational analysis of FGM/C stakeholders and interventions in Somalia

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The overall aim of the Situational Analysis in Somalia is for government, donors and the UN to gain a greater understanding of existing interventions towards ending Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C), and to identify gaps so as to be able to strengthen the current interventions and inform future programming. There are two parts to the report: Part 1, “The Silence is Broken”, is the overall report, which amalgamates key findings from a Participatory Community Perspectives Study (CPS) into analysis of the institutional policy and practice environments at the zonal level. Part 2, The CPS, is a report on views and opinions about FGM/C from those who are the focus of end-FGM/C activities in the zones, and those who work to carry out those activities.

Emerging recommendations for government, donors and the UN include:

  • Encourage full understanding of zero tolerance; support embedding of zero tolerance throughout policy
  • Strengthen the implementation of policy and encourage the end of medicalisation of FGM/C
  • Support the clarification of all roles and responsibilities amongst all actors who need to be involved in ending FGM/C in Somalia
  • Be pro-active in shaping the research agenda and ensure that research carried out under the FGM/C shows good fit to national and zonal identified needs
  • Support Somalia in becoming a model UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on ending FGM/C (UNJP) country
PDF - 1.4 MB

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