Strengthening nutrition sector governance: Lessons from the WINNN programme

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This brief is produced by the Operations Research and Impact Evaluation (ORIE) project, led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM), and it summarises the learning about strengthening nutrition sector governance from the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) programme implemented in five states in northern Nigeria (Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Zamfara and Yobe).

Key messages

  • Political commitment to the nutrition sector was strengthened by evidence-based advocacy, underpinned by collaboration among champions for nutrition in government, development partners and civil society.
  • Civil society engagement in the nutrition sector helped to strengthen political commitment and accountability.
  • Increased attention to malnutrition in the media has been influential in increasing awareness of the problem and political commitment to addressing it.
  • Close collaboration among numerous development partners on nutrition sector policy, planning and coordination strengthened both the coherence and the impact of WINNN’s work to strengthen governance.

While there has been progress in public financing for nutrition, public funding is still very low compared to the need. Nutrition work remains largely reliant on donor funding. State governments should be continuously encouraged to increase their funding for nutrition, and to access funding from federal and donor sources.

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