The White Ribbon Alliance for Safemotherhood: Rwanda Strategic Plan 2010-2013 and year one operational plan

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The three year Strategic Plan 2010-2013 of the White Ribbon Alliance Rwanda (WRA R) is the organisation’s first strategic plan since its inception in October 2008 and therefore represents an important milestone in the development of the organisation as well as a reinvigorated safe motherhood movement in Rwanda to support the achievement of MDG 5.

The overall programme goalis to contribute to national efforts aimed at reducing maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in Rwanda. The more specific project purposeis to increase access, use and quality of family planning and MNH services for women of reproductive age, and in particular those in underserved rural areas.

The following 6 outputs, or results, provide the programme’s focus over the next 3 years:

  • Increased incentives for all health workers, with a focus on those in rural areas.
  • Increased availability of midwives.
  • Increased public awareness on family planning and maternal health services and rights.
  • Improved community level collection, analysis and use of maternal and newborn mortality data.
  • Strengthened national and district level presence, action and capacity of WRA.
  • Strengthened M&E capacity of WRA.


PDF - 595 KB

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