Uganda’s assessment system: a road-map for enhancing assessment in education

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Assessment in education in Uganda takes many forms: for example, the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) and Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations, the National Assessment of Progress in Education (NAPE) and other system-wide tests, practice examinations used in schools, formal and informal classroom assessment. Uganda’s assessment system is a complex and interconnected web of all these forms of assessment, together with the actions of institutions and people involved directly and indirectly with the processes and results of assessment.

This report provides a road-map describing how Uganda can develop a robust, resilient, self-improving and adaptive assessment system, grounded in Uganda’s culture, history and context.

The report notes that an enhanced assessment system will be one with:

  • clear, explicit and published standards for the processes and products of the agencies with responsibilities within the assessment system;
  • open, honest and transparent reporting against these standards;
  • a climate in which reporting against standards is used for continuous improvement rather than blame or sanctions; and
  • positive and negative incentives institutionalising and reinforcing appropriate practices of individuals and agencies.


Also available: Uganda’s assessment system: a road-map for enhancing assessment in education – tables and graphs


PDF - 3 MB

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