The Eldis nutrition resource guide offers critical perspectives on nutrition and development

The Eldis nutrition resource guide provides easy access to an extensive online database of resources on nutrition and development. It includes research evidence, policy documents, toolkits, features, and other free-to-access resources.

The Eldis nutrition resource guide is a growing and evolving resource that includes new information on current and emerging issues as it is produced, and includes the latest free-to-access evidence on direct and nutrition-sensitive interventions, as well as information on the current global burden of malnutrition.

Sub-sections in the guide include:

It reflects Eldis’ ability to link knowledge across development sectors such as health, agriculture, education and governance: a critical challenge for nutrition.

One key focus is the enabling political and economic environment for addressing nutrition challenges. A relatively neglected area, the guide highlights existing and emerging evidence on the environments and processes which underpin and shape political and policy processes, and how these can be cultivated, sustained and ultimately translated into impact on the ground.

The Eldis nutrition resource guide will help inform those seeking to bring critical perspectives from development to the heart of the debates on nutrition. We hope it will prove a useful resource for specialists and non-specialists alike.

A key feature of the guide is the regular email bulletin, the Eldis Nutrition Reporter, which highlights the latest research.

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