Can multi-micronutrient food fortification improve the micronutrient status, growth, health, and cognition of schoolchildren? A systematic review

This review focuses on multiple micronutrient food fortification and examines the impact on school-age children. The authors study the impact on micronutrient status of the children, growth, health and cognitive development. Fortification of food is a practical way to provide extra micronutrients to children. Twelve eligible studies were reviewed, eleven of them tested the effects of multiple micronutrients provided via fortified food compared to unfortified food and one study compared multiple micronutrients to iodine alone. The results of this review show that multiple micronutrient fortification of food can have an impact on various aspects of the health and development of schoolchildren. Considering the vast number of school-age children suffering from multiple micronutrient deficiencies and the consequences, the overall impact of multiple micronutrient interventions in school-age children can be an investment in future generations by helping these children to achieve optimal health and increase their potential to learn.

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