Eight Proposals for a Strengthened Focus on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Education for All (EFA) Agenda

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This paper presents eight proposals that are based on several bodies of work on skills development. They aim to incorporate the detail of the discussion on skills development, some new ways of thinking about the topic, some priority areas and neglected issues, key topics, as well as data and research needs. The eight proposals are as follows:

  • Moving towards conceptual clarification of skills
  • Skills development for poverty reduction
  • Technical and vocational education and training and the enabling environment
  • Training in the informal or unorganized sector
  • School-based technical and vocational education
  • Improving the monitoring of low-hanging fruits in relation to TVE, and noting the higher- hanging fruits in vocational training and in the informal sector
  • Financing TVE and TVET
  • Identifying the situation of the poorest young people in the global politics of skill development
PDF - 279 KB