Elimu Kwa Teknolojia (A BridgeIT Program) Summative Evaluation Executive Summary

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The goal of the Bridgeit program in Tanzania was to significantly increase the educational quality and achievement among students at primary school level in mathematics, science and life skills through the innovative use of cell phones and digital technology.

Principal evaluation findings:

  • Test scores of BridgeIT students in maths and science were significantly higher, 10-20%, compared to a control group.
  • The distribution of mean scores, however, showed that many students were left behind.
  • No significant gender differences were found in the test scores.
  • Initially, teachers were sceptical about whether or not the videos would help students learn math and science, but this scepticism was drastically diminished by the end of the year.
  • The teacher needs to help students to understand the video lessons for positive effects on test scores.


PDF - 1000 KB

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