Into the Future – Ilifa Labantwana Phase II 2013-2016

The importance of ECD for human and social development and productivity is now recognised as a national priority at the highest levels of government. In Phase I of its programme (2009-13), Ilifa demonstrated a variety of modes of ECD service and delivery. This publication details the six strategic objectives of Phase II (2013-2016).

Very briefly, the six objectives are:

  • to define an Essential Package of ECD services and demonstrate how they can be provided at scale;
  • to support district and provincial systems to provide ECD services at scale;
  • to support the development of human resources for scaling-up ECD services;
  • to develop appropriate financing models to enable scale-up of ECD services;
  • to build public demand through public campaigns, and engage political will through interaction with policy makers; and
  • to conduct research to build evidence for effective intervention.


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