Lessons from a Ten-Year Funder Collaborative: A Case Study of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa

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The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (Partnership) was a ten-year funder collaborative that sought to strengthen higher education in Africa. The Partnership focused its support on universities in nine countries: Egypt, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. In ten years, the Partnership specifically, 

  • Increased spotlight on the importance of higher education in Africa,
  • Increased investment in African higher education by participant foundations,
  • Strengthened universities through core institutional development and other capacity-building activities in areas such as financial management, administrative systems, and development,
  • Increased focus by Partnership members on larger initiatives than would have been possible individually by foundations,
  • Creation of a community of practice within the foundations to share ideas and information with one another and improve their individual grantmaking, and
  • Generation of more data and information about universities and other higher education institutions in Africa than available previously
PDF - 645 KB

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