Rate of Returns to Education of Persons with Disabilities in Rural China

The aim of this paper is to estimate the returns to education in the disable people in rural China in the past 20 years. The regression of Mincerian wage equation as the method is used, and the data is based on CHNS data in 1991-2009 survey. The results show that the education level has significant positive linear relationship with the rate of returns to education (RRE). The RRE for the rural disable people is lower than the RRE of the disabled in urban, which are 5.3% and 7.6%. The RRE of male disabled is higher than the RRE of female. Difference of RRE of disabled people
between different regions are significant and East>West>Central is RRE orders in rural regions in China. The results imply that it is necessary to increase supply of special education to improve the education situation of the disabled in rural China and focus on the educational problem in the female disabled.

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